You may have heard the rumors that interterm will cease to exist next year. But what does that really mean and how will things really change?

According to Brenda Velasco, Director of Communications,

In the Fall 2017 semester the academic calendar will shift to two semesters and an extended summer. The changes will allow Biola to dovetail with the tri-semester system, allowing the university to serve non-traditional students better and give students the opportunity to be competitive for summer jobs and finish their degrees quicker.
This past January was the last Interterm session. January 2018 will begin the new calendar, with spring semester beginning on Monday, January 8. The changes to the academic calendar will allow students to be more competitive for jobs over the summer, since the spring semester will end in early May, and may allow students to finish their degrees quicker.

Changes will be made to Orientation Week for incoming and returning students (the Opening Week schedule will be released soon). As of right now, next year's calendar looks like this:

Fall semester start: August 28, 2017;
Torrey Conference: October 11-13;
Last Class Day: December 8;
Finals Week: December 11-14;
Commencement: December 15.

Spring semester start: January 8, 2018;
Spring Break: February 26 - March 2;
Missions Conference: March 14-16;
Finals Week: April 30 - May 4;
Commencement: May 4, 2018.

Summer semester start: May 7, 2018;
Summer semester ends: August 18, 2018.

The heart of this schedule change is simply to empower students and I appreciate our faculty being flexible in order to do so. I mean, we all got bored after the first two weeks of January anyway, right? We still get time off; the only difference is that now it will be in one large chunk so we can more fully commit to jobs and internships.

Personally, I think it's great. It's so hard to get a job for the 6 weeks of Interterm but now we can commit a long summer to one job, which is far more appealing to potential employers.

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