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Alumni Spotlights Articles

  • It's Not Just About The Money

    Character and Career: Stories of Transformation

    Jen Aspland, John Tuttle — 

    From dreams of Taco Bell to a career in marketing, Jennifer Aspland shares how Crowell shaped her priorities.

  • Hannah Dietze, John Tuttle — 

    “You are uniquely gifted and wonderfully made, and it’s a sweet and beautiful process to discover who God made you to be."

  • Lydia Batanghari, John Tuttle — 

    “My main goal is to help people grow personally and professionally, and it is a lot easier for us to grow when we have a sense of safety.”

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Learning About Me

    Kaylyn Schull achieved excellence as student-athlete

    Kaylyn Schull, John Tuttle — 

    “As a freshman, I was shy, I didn't have confidence … but God has shaped me into who He meant me to be.”

  • Biola Alumnus Duane Andrews

    CEO and Co-Founder, Clear Capital

    Duane Andrews — 

    I was fortunate to have many professors at Biola that cared about the students and their success outside of the classroom...

  • True Tamplin — 

    When True Tamplin was 13 years old, his father was offered the job of lead singer for Journey...

  • Alumni Spotlight: Mark Strom

    (’84) Retired PwC Partner and US Management Consulting Leader

    Mark Strom — 

    our faith-based Biola education targets what I believe is the single biggest workplace skill gap, leadership.

  • Mike Welles — 

    My giftedness is in leadership and administration

  • Alumni Spotlight

    Steve Meilicke CFO

    Steven Meilicke — 

    In my junior year at Biola I developed a real interest in business. I felt a bit guilty at first, thinking I would be selling out if I didn’t follow through with my “calling” to be a youth pastor.

  • Alumni Spotlight

    Crowell School of Business International Business Marketing Alum

    Clarissa Rusli — 

    Long story short, a friend I met during Crowell Business School’s 2015 China Trip introduced me to the CEO and Co-Founder of Shokay, who happened to be in need of a graphic designer.

  • Colby Gilmore — 

    Colby Gilmore is a Financial Planner for the Private Wealth division of Ronald Blue Trust.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Jordan (Perkins) Terranova

    Co-Founder, Illuminate International; 2017 Alumna, Crowell School of Business

    Jordan Terranova — 

    Our mission is to unite kids around the world through the power of story and education.

  • Amanda Coox — 

    What is your current position and role at Apple? What interests you about this industry? I am a DevOps Engineer and Technical Project Manager on...

  • Alumni Spotlight: Wes Wasson ('89) CEO and Co-Founder at DreamStart Labs

    The Crowell School of Business (CSB) asked Wes Wasson, 89’, CEO and Co-Founder of DreamStart Labs, to provide an update on his business activities – and to talk about how he integrates his faith at work.

    Wes Wasson — 

    Crowell: You love building new things. For the past 20 years, you've been in technology leadership positions in the vibrant Silicon Valley. What...