The Covid-19 pandemic immensely changed the way workplaces run. The world has embraced digital communication, hybrid schedules and work from home more than ever before. Digital work leads to more writing, more screen time and a full inbox. A recent Fast Company article states that to communicate effectively means to amp up writing skills and tighten up presentations. Entering the picture in Fall 2022 is Biola University’s brand-new, fully-online B.S. in Communication Studies program.

Housed in Biola’s School of Fine Arts and Communication, the program will equip students to hone their ability to listen and lead well while expanding their understanding of how to communicate with the world around them, including their colleagues.

“The significant value of the online communication studies degree is its wide variety of application to fields of occupation and specific jobs,” said Dr. Joy Qualls, associate dean for the division of communication in Biola’s School of Fine Arts and Communication. “Employers tell us that they are looking for people who have excellent written and verbal skills as well as problem solving skills. Our focus in this program is learning how to develop these skills and apply them effectively in the workplace and beyond.”

The program mirrors the traditional on-campus B.A. in Communication Studies, featuring the same courses, but in an online format. The program will offer 42 credits through a total of 16 unique courses that can be completed in two to three years. Biola’s communications department offers a plethora and large breadth of courses in the communication field. The degree will allow students to make the case for the skills and expertise they bring to the table that easily translate to the specific needs of a specific organization or field.

The new online program enhances Biola's on-campus program offerings as it extends the reach of communication studies to a new audience and complements other programs of study as it draws on three of the concentrations in the traditional program — rhetorical studies, organizational and relational communication — and streamlines them into one fluid program all while allowing students an adaptable schedule to accommodate busy lives. The courses will be offered in an asynchronous format with no set class time, however, faculty will be available for meetings virtually. Qualls acknowledged the flexibility of the online program.

“This program is an extension of our traditional undergraduate program. Meaning, we have intentionally crafted it to mirror the traditional program in vital content, but in learning modalities that work for the non-traditional student,” said Qualls. “All of the content is developed and crafted by our full-time faculty. Most of our adjuncts who may facilitate classes alongside full time faculty are graduates of our programs. This extends our reach to new and diverse audiences and creates more opportunities for students at Biola to learn from our program.”

By completing the B.S. in Communication Studies, students will elevate their expertise in critical thinking, writing and speaking skills –– skills that are an asset in any career. With the demands of the modern workplace always evolving, students will learn to excel at internal communication, presenting innovative ideas to colleagues and clients and applying their creativity to problem solving, equipping them to be an invaluable member of their team.

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