Hey friends! 

I hope you’re all doing well. In this blog, I’m going to dive into the basic overview and specific concentrations of the Bible, Theology, and Ministry (BTM) major that we offer here at Biola. I’m a BTM major myself and have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with and getting to know both the faculty and my classmates within the program so far! I’d love for you to keep reading and get a bit of a taste of what this program is :)

Overall, the Bible, Theology, and Ministry program has been designed to equip students in their knowledge of the Word and practical ministry skills so that they’d be adequately prepared to serve in any area of ministry to which the Lord calls them! The BTM program emphasizes the importance of knowing the Word of God. Throughout this program, students study the historical, cultural, and literary contexts of scripture and learn how to study both the Bible and theology within these contexts. Many students who go through this program attend seminary, enter into church leadership roles, or join parachurch ministries! Of course, within this major, there are multiple different concentrations, each designed to more specifically equip students for the different areas of ministries in which they may want to pursue a career.

Christian Ministries: This concentration is designed to allow students to be more specifically trained within the area of ministry that they are spiritually gifted to serve in. Students will spend time exploring these spiritual gifts and developing practical ministry skills that will carry them into a ministry career, whether that is within a church or a parachurch ministry. Along with studying scripture, students are required to choose a specialization that reflects their desired area of ministry. These options are Adult and Family, Children, Diversified, Early Childhood Education, Non-profit Leadership, or Youth ministries. Students will gain practical skills and insights into these more specific areas of ministry! I took a course called “Foundations of Ministry'' this semester and have thoroughly enjoyed the practical ministry skills and insights I’ve already been given!

Bible and Theology: This concentration is designed to give students a broader and deeper understanding of Scripture. Students will spend time studying the Bible and the theology within it and will gain practical skills for effectively teaching and explaining the Scriptures.

Bible, Theology, and Biblical Languages (My concentration!!!): The third concentration is quite similar to the Bible and Theology concentration. It just has a Biblical Language requirement added on! This is the concentration I am currently in and I’m loving it. Along with rigorous and practical training in Theology, students are required to learn one of the ancient Biblical languages. Students are given the option to choose between either Hebrew or Greek for this required language! It also eliminates the need to take language credits within the core curriculum courses. No matter which concentration you choose, they each lead to a specific master's degree that you can earn with just one extra year of study.

Accelerated Master's Program: This program allows students to complete their B.A. in Bible and Theology and receive a master's degree from Talbot School of Theology in a total of five years—or less—at Biola! This will provide students with more in-depth training in teaching the Word of God and exploring the innerworkings of what pastoral ministry looks like! (Since I am a Bible, Theology, and Biblical Languages major, I am currently on track for an accelerated master's degree in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry!) Students can choose which track they want to pursue and will formally apply to the master's program in their junior year.

Overall, the mission and goal of the BTM program is to equip students to serve in any capacity to which the Lord might call them. It provides students with a deep understanding of the Word of God, along with theology and practical ministry skills.

I, personally, am so excited to continue in this program and cannot wait to learn more and grow as a follower of Jesus as I move forward!

If you want to learn more about this program, head to this link: biola.edu/ministry.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash