I LOVE a good cozy room. I find that making my room an enjoyable place enables me to get work done more efficiently and actually helps me get better sleep at night! In my personal opinion, there’s no better time than fall to make your room an enjoyable space. In this blog, I want to talk about ten things you can do to make your room cute, cozy, an efficient workspace, and a place to get a really good night's sleep.

One – The first thing that’s super important when creating both a productive and relaxing space is cleanliness. I find that when my room is messy, my stress increases and it’s harder for me to focus. So, pick up those clothes and make your bed!!!

Two – This is similar to cleanliness, organization is important as well! Don’t just shove things in random places. Create a system that allows you to easily move around and find what you need when you need it!! (This could be bookshelves, nightstands, or closets.)

Three – Decoration! Make your room a place that you like to look at. I like to decorate with things like macramé wall hangings, photos, plants, and other random things! One thing I love to do is hang encouraging quotes on my wall that remind me of Biblical truths! Use creativity and decorate your room according to your own personal style.

For example, I’ve always been a big room decorator. When I was twelve, I was obsessed with surfing and all things Hawaii. I filled my walls with pictures of famous surfers and had a mural of a wave that stretched across an entire wall. I even put brown sugar on my desk to make it look like sand…. I am definitely not advising this type of decorating. But you get the idea. Decorate with the things you like.

Four – Candles or diffusers!! This changes based on the person, but I really love having a room that smells good. I find that lighting a candle while doing homework makes my room feel warm and welcoming. My favourite candle scent for this season is anything that includes pumpkin or cinnamon! I also turn on my diffuser with lavender oils before I go to sleep. Lavender oil is proven to help calm nerves and it smells so good:)

Five – Finally, during this chilly season, what more could you need than big cozy blankets?! There are few things I love more than being wrapped in a big comfy blanket while doing homework. (I currently have five on my bed…)

Overall, I highly encourage you to make your room a cozy space! Like I said, cozy rooms make it easier to be productive and make it easier to sleep. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to the lengths of throwing brown sugar on your desk… But candles and blankets aren’t bad ideas ;)