Hey everyone! For this week’s blog, I wanted to share a little bit about what it was like to go from public school to private school. All my life I grew up going to public school. There were many ups and downs but overall I loved my experience! I was able to get involved in so many different organizations, extra curriculars, clubs, and student government positions. But for college, I knew I wanted to stay away from the big classrooms and the experience of “just being a number.” So when I started searching for a college, I gravitated towards private christian universities.

In coming to Biola, I did not know what the major differences between private and public school were going to be. If I am being honest, it was pretty similar to the setup of high school, except for the fact that I got to pick my classes. But when I talked to my friends back home who went to different UCs and Cal States, they all were telling me how they did not know their professors personally nor did they feel like they knew a lot of people on campus. I realized that I was experiencing the opposite! Within the first week, I got to meet all my professors and most knew my name. I also met so many people around campus who instantly became my friends.

I think the biggest difference between the two types of school is is the classroom setting. Public universities do not have the same intentionality as a private school may have. For example, an average class size for Biola is “1:15”, one teacher to fifteen students. For some this may start out as intimidating; I loved it because I was able to learn so much more. The teacher met with us individually and called us by our names. College can be a daunting milestone, but my professors were the ones that made me feel so at home and at peace within my transitional period.

Overall, I truly am grateful for the opportunity to go to a private school. I value my education so much and Biola has cultivated such a safe environment to make mistakes, learn, grow, and be challenged. I wouldn’t have wanted anything else!

Professor lecturing to a small group of students
Art classroom on the move