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Commuter Life!

When first coming to Biola, I lived in the dorm Hope Hall and absolutely loved it! I’ve met some of my closest friends by living on campus and truly wouldn't trade the experience for the world. However, when I became a junior I decided to start commuting. I am from Irvine: about 30 minutes away without traffic but up to an hour with traffic. I was apprehensive about the choice to commute at first but it has proven to be a wise choice for me.  

But I’m not going to lie: these past months have been hard. It has been a long process of trial and error.I have had to put into practice new techniques to be more responsible and manage my time well. I’ve had to meal prep and take account of how much time everything will take. It has been hard being away from friends. Yet, I’ve learned so much, like how to be more intentional - with both my time and friends.

There have been pros and cons to commuting. Right now, to be honest, I’m in a season where commuting has not been the best. I’ve had a bad attitude and am constantly tired. However, it has been so nice to have extra time with family and to have a separation of home and school. I am blessed to even have the option to live at home.

Even though it has been challenging, I really appreciate what commuting has taught me. It has given me a chance to meet new people who feel the same way as me! I have met people through the Collegium, a resource for commuters on campus. Commuting can sometimes feel lonely but Biola has been so great to combat that lie. There are so many students who are in the same boat and it is comforting to share stories and experiences with one another.

I hope to encourage my readers in this post. I do not want to lie by saying that it is a piece of cake to commute: you are going to have to work hard to maintain friendships and be on top of schoolwork and chapels, but there are so many people in the amazing community of Biola to support and love you. Commuting has been a blessing in disguise in so many ways!