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As I am nearing the end of my time at Biola, I am reflecting more and more on all of the things that I have gleaned from studying Elementary Education! I have acquired so much knowledge on how to teach the next generation and have absolutely loved my time learning from the best professors. So, I thought I could give you a little look into the major to help those who may be interested in Liberal Studies!

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Throughout this blog, I’ll share some highlights of Biola’s Elementary Education program! One thing that I have appreciated is that we as students are immediately allowed to go into classrooms to observe working teachers and students. This gives us an opportunity to see if teaching is a good fit for us. I was so grateful for this because when I was still debating whether or not this was the right major for me, it was through observations that I was able to test out the classroom life—and it ended up affirming that I was on the right track.

I have also loved the organization of the program. The department leads make it so clear what classes and programs you need to take in order to get your credential and degree. The classes are staggered and each class is a prerequisite to the next. Counselors act as your helpful guides, enabling you to graduate as soon as possible (and helping you save A LOT of money). I am fortunate enough to graduate a semester early and it was only possible with the help of the program leaders.

Lastly, Biola’s Liberal Studies program integrates the credential program into the major. This is RARE in any undergraduate program and also saves you a lot of time and money. After graduating Biola offers student-teaching, CPR certification and more to help ensure that you are completely ready to teach right after your undergraduate program. This has allowed me to be confident to apply and prepare for any upcoming teaching position.

Overall, Biola has been so intentional and supportive in my college journey. If you are interested in the Liberal Studies major, let me assureyou that you are in such great hands!

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