I am not going to sit here and lie to all you good people reading this. I went to college with hopes of finding a job afterward.

Crazy I know.

One reason Biola was so enticing to me besides schooling and spiritual reasons was its incredible location. La Mirada is in reasonable distance to Los Angeles and other bigger cities where many businesses are more than happy to hire students for internships. A huge blessing is the repore that Biola and its students has established with a variety of different places where it has given us better opportunities to succeed in all kinds of fields of study.

On campus, we actually have a peer internship advisor to help students in the searching process, they help cater our resumes to specific establishments for better success. For example, as a Communication Studies major, I am paired with someone of the same major as he or she speaks with me about what I hope to do in the future. When that is decided (for me I hope to working within the film industry) the adviser then helps search possible internships that correlate with what I hope to do.

Additionally, these advisers help fine-tune resumes and other helpful assets such as cover letters. As a school, we use an application called Handshake which is a wonderful blessing to have as a college student. The application posts not only about things like on-campus jobs and school events that we as students can attend, but it also posts about businesses that are asking for internships where we then can apply directly through the application. Seriously guys, it is an incredible tool that I highly recommend taking advantage of during your time here at Biola.

All in all, do not be worried. I know I was when I first arrived at Biola. I had to have a job, have internships lined up, and I wanted to be prepared for the future. It is crazy what the Lord can do during your time here. I got an internship my freshmen year simply because I built a strong connection with one of my professors and he was willing to bring me along in one of his company ventures. Be diligent and hardworking as well as faithful to the promise that the Lord has a promise for you. Internships can be scary. But here at Biola, they really do succeed in alleviating some of the stress and heartache that comes from the exhausting search. Take advantage of the people and tools that we provide here! That is all.

-Max Klaiber

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