By the way, “Theology” is just a fancy term for the study of God...


If you happen to be reading this blog, there’s probably a good chance you know what the Bible is. And if you don’t know, Biola University is a pretty big fan of the Bible.

One of my favorite Bible classes so far has been a course called Theology I. It’s one of two courses at Biola in which you study subsections of theology, such as the doctrine of humanity, Christ, sin, the Trinity, and much more.

My professor for this class is Dr. Thoennes. Like many professors at Biola, he is engaging, wise, inspiring, and caring. At the beginning of class he does everything from asking about our lives, to having us sing a hymn and learn about it, to praying over us. He is a phenomenal instructor and one of the most amazing people I have been able to learn from.

Every faculty and staff member at Biola University is a professing Christian. They deeply care about the hearts of every student and are committed to their learning and growth. There are so many more professors just as intentional as Dr. Thoennes in every department.


All Biola students take 30 units (typically ten classes) of Bible classes over the course of their time here. Some of the other Bible classes include Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation, Foundations of Christian Thought, Old Testament History and Literature, and New Testament History and Literature –– these are the ones I have under my belt so far. They have led to the most intense and transformative spiritual growth I have ever experienced.

Besides the core Bible classes, students also get the opportunity to choose from Bible Electives –– courses like “Jesus’ Life and Ministry,” “Life and Letters of Paul,” “Character of God,” and many many more!

Although the Bible homework can stack up at times, the required Bible reading at Biola truly does fuel and develop each student’s own actual time with the Lord. The opportunity to learn from such phenomenal and intentional professors in a community like Biola helps students not only to grow in their knowledge of the Word but in their spiritual growth and formation as well.

Experiencing Biola’s heart for the Bible and the Great Commission has easily been the most impactful part of my time here. There's nothing quite like it. Thanks for reading!


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