For a college student, Sunday nights typically become devoted to doing a lot of homework. This usually happens because homework is neglected throughout the weekend. Maybe your friends invite you to get ice cream at midnight, maybe you wind up going to the beach all weekend, or maybe you have all the time in the world but just pretend that Monday isn’t going to come (this is usually what I do).

That being said, it is very common to see exponential growth in the number of students at the Biola library when Sunday comes.

Why am I explaining the homework calendar of Biolan students? I’m glad you asked… ;)

For me, Sunday nights at Biola are actually really extremely fun as well as refreshing for a couple reasons. And these reasons are that much sweeter when you’ve been working on homework for 10 hours… (and yes I did say 10 hours).


First of all, I live in one of the on-campus dorms called Horton Hall on a floor with about 30 other guys. One of our regular bonding experiences is eating dinner together as a floor. Each Sunday night we meet up to eat dinner while we catch up, destress, goof off, etc.

In the fall we had a weekly barbecue out in front of Horton Hall which was perfect for post-dinner frisbee, soccer, football, and spike-ball. This semester, since it gets dark so much earlier, we eat a wonderful meal on our floor’s elbow lounge.

Sometimes all you need after a long days work is some good-ol-fashion bro-time while sharing a meal.


Singspiration (or ‘Singspo’ for short) is a 45-minute long worship concert that takes place every Sunday in Biola’s gym at 8pm. As mentioned in other blogs, these chapels are a favorite among students at Biola as it is a perfect opportunity to engage with God in prayer and song (it’s also good for students who accidentally slept in too long in the morning and missed church). Typically you can catch a group of guys from your dorm floor heading over to Singspo for much needed bro-time and God-time.

Sister Floor Trash

One more great Sunday-night tradition that is specific to dorm life is “sister-floor trash.” In case you can’t figure out from the name, this is when a guy floor takes out the trash for their designated “sister” girl’s floor. The RAs (Resident Advisors) gather up all the guys who are on the floor and they take out the trash together. I know that might not sound fun, but any extra bro-time on a Sunday night is truly an unwinding experience, especially after a day of doing homework.