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It’s weird when we go away to college. We may cry saying bye to our friends or maybe even our significant others. However, the weirdest part about going away to college is saying bye to your parents or family. For many of us, we’ve never been away from our family for this long before. It was something that I didn’t even really think about until I was out of my home and living in a completely new place. When you’re away from your friends for a while, you’re relationship changes. It’s also the same with your parents! I may not be able to speak for everyone, but I want to talk to you guys about what to expect your relationship with your parents to be like.

I’ve always had a pretty close relationship with my parents to the extent that I would hang out with them or at least talk to them and see them every day. I never really thought about how that would change when I got to college.

The first few weeks of school I didn’t talk to my parents that much, maybe like a few times a week. It was the first time in my life where I started to feel like an actual adult where I didn’t have my parents telling me when to be home or to do my homework. It was great at first, but then I started slacking off and missed the discipline that my parents were there to give me. You need to be able to tell yourself when to sleep or when to do your homework, you’re pretty much on your own in college. Unless you have friends that are the group mom.

I’ve realized since I’ve been at college that my parents have started to treat me more like an adult and less likea child. You may think that sounds cool, but then you realize that you’re going to have to get a job to fund all your late night In-n-Out runs. It’s kind of sad to think about being on your own and not having your parents to go to if you get sick or you had a bad day.

Being away at college will change your relationship with your parents, but that doesn’t mean it will be bad. It will just be different than it was before. In all honesty, being away at college has made my relationship with my mom way stronger than it was before. We talk almost every day just about anything. It seems like our relationship has become more of a friendship rather than just a mother and son relationship. If I could give advice to someone coming in to college in regard to keeping a good relationship with their parents, just try to be intentional with the conversations you have with them. College will really make you realize how much you love your parents and how much they actually do for you.

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