From the moment that I arrived on campus, I've been thinking a lot about change. When my family and I first arrived one balmy August afternoon, I was shocked. I had packed up everything that I needed (hopefully) and left everything that I had ever known to drive 400-something miles south for what would become my new normal.

I remember that day like it was yesterday: feeling the excitement, anticipation, even anxiety and fear. And as much as I have come to love this place and the people that I have met, it honestly, has not yet become my new normal. I am still so hyper-aware of the little quirks that make this place so different from my home (like seeing people in Dodgers jerseys and the fact that people walk around in sweaters in 90℉ weather?!). I miss my friends, my family, and familiar faces and places.

I am not worried, though. Change –– and our reaction to it –– is catalyst for growth. We do not get to flourish by staying in the same place (be it physically or mentally) forever. And while the acclimation process can be awkward and uncomfortable sometimes, it is out of this tension that we get to experience God’s faithfulness and lean on His unchanging nature: of love, grace, mercy and justice.

Time moves so quick and only seems to be going faster with every passing year. But I am so excited for everything that awaits. After all, it is not our job to worry about our futures. Rather, we are to concern ourselves with how what we do now affects eternity in God’s kingdom. It is such a relief to me, to know that God has already mapped out what our lives are to be like. Our job is to work hard and keep in step with the Holy Spirit. The journey may not be smoothe, the road will be narrow, but the end is glorious and well well well worth it all!

I hope that you all embrace the change that comes to your lives and take it in stride! I will leave you with this quote from Saint Augustine: “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." Have a great weekend, friends!