Hi guys!

It’s now March which means something cool is about to happen at Biola… Missions Conference!

Missions Conference is one of the two school-wide conferences that Biola puts on during the year. Classes are cancelled for 3 days, allowing the entire school to participate fully in the events. It creates a buzz on campus, and both students and staff look forward to attending every year.

Missions Conference is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the things that makes it stand out is that it is the largest student-led missions conference in the world! Yes, THE WORLD. This conference is entirely put on by students and it reaches an audience of thousands, not just limited to Biola. That’s crazy to think about! There are over 80 students involved in this year’s conference staff, and I have the privilege to be one of them!

This is actually my second year volunteering on Missions Conference staff, and it has been such a blessing. I have been able to serve in the Global Awareness department both times. Our team works specifically on our own little section of the conference where we zero in on specific global and local issues that need to be addressed or brought to the attention of the church. Through working with this department, I have gained so much knowledge on the world that we live in, as well as had my heart broken countless times for these persecuted and unreached people. It is such an eye opening experience, and I cannot wait to share what I have been learning with the rest of Biola.

God has obviously been teaching me a lot during the past two years I have served on this staff. However, one of the biggest and most impactful realizations I have come to over the past couple of weeks is how truly humbling it is to be a part of God’s greater plan. He does not need us to do any of this work for Him. I mean, He is the God of the Universe and Maker of all. Yet He chooses to let us come along side of Him, and have the smallest of parts in His redemptive work here on Earth. Lately I have been overwhelmed with the honor and unworthiness that is brought on by all that, followed by an attitude of thankfulness and humility in knowing that everything that we are doing for this conference will bring glory to His name.

This year’s theme is Luminous: Darkness has not overcome, with the main passage being John 1:1-18. God is going to do some amazing things on Biola’s campus over the three conference days, and even far after, and I cannot wait for you to hopefully be able to witness it first hand during your time at Biola.