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With the upcoming event of Missions Conference, which is the largest student-led missions conference in the world that is set out to inspire students for their role in the Great Commission, I decided it was only fitting to share my experience that I had on a mission trip I went on through Biola.

During my freshman year at Biola, my RA told me about the SMU, Student Missionary Union, info night and asked me if I wanted to go with him. With no intentions of going on a mission trip I sat there as all the different trip leaders who were going to be embarking on their mission trips described where they were going and what they were planning on doing while out of the country. It wasn’t until the trip leaders for Team Romania went up to talk that I really felt God telling me that this is what I should be doing and that this is the trip that I should I apply for.

I still remember the night that I found out that I was going to be going to Romania on a mission trip. I felt so good and I was just so inspired and thankful that I was going to get the opportunity to go to a country on a continent that I have never been to and spread the gospel.

During our trip, we stayed at three different facilities during the month that we were in Romania. The first was teen challenge Romania which was a recovery home for those with a troubled past. There we got to hang out with those in the program and also went out on outreach trips where we would take food and supplies to those that were in need while sharing the word of God with them.

The second place that we stayed at was Children to Love Romania where we basically ran a daycare where we would get to love on kids that most likely don’t receive a lot of love at home. We also got to spend time at different orphanages throughout Romania where we got to do the same. The last place that we stayed at was in Călărași, Romania which is known as one of the most troubled places in Romania. While we were there we went to different day centers and churches for kids that are less fortunate.

This was my first mission trip and although I was completely terrified to be spending a month in a Country that I never thought I would ever visit,I knew that I had always had a heart for kids and those that are less fortunate.

Students on mission trip to Romania

Although, I was extremely scared and nervous for my mission trip to Romania, I am extremely glad that I got the opportunity to go on this trip with such an awesome group of people. It’s easy to say that this trip completely changed my life. There were a lot of things that were extremely hard to see, but it made my faith and relationship with God so much stronger.

If I could, I would write a full-length novel on the things I learned and the experiences I had while I was in Romania. However, instead I decided that I am just going to share a few highlights from this amazing experience with you guys.

Lance carrying little girllittle girl pointing at camera\

It was incredible to see how much God can use you in instances like these. I have had a fairly troubled past and God really used that during my time in Romania. He allowed for me to connect with a lot of the guys and girls my age while we were at these different facilities. I was able to preach two separate times about my life and things from my past that God has completely changed. One of the times was at the Teen Challenge center where I was only in front of about thirty people, but my story reached out to a lot of people. One guy in particular came up to me after I was done and we talked about his life and things from his past and he told me that I am inspiration to him. I don’t know if you guys have ever had someone say that to you, but I hadn’t so it was a very confusing and humbling moment. We ended up talking for an hour or so and at the end he asked me to pray for him and it was at that time that I felt closest to God. The second time that I was able to share my story was in front of a whole church full of not only kids my age but also adults. I was so nervous to do this but God really came into my life told me everything that I needed to say and I’m sure that I was able to reach a lot of people through it.

group of students standing in the snow in romania

It was through playing soccer in the snow, playing games with kids, pushing a wagon full of stuff through the snow with the guys on the team that taught me so much God can use all of us in different ways and I feel like we can’t really figure this out until we step out in our faith and get out of our comfort zone. My time in Romania was one of the best things that I have ever done and I will always remember all the great conversations and great experiences that I had while I was there. I encourage everyone that’s reading this to step out in your faith and go on a mission trip, you won’t be disappointed. Especially when it can help you grow in your faith so much more. It’s really hard to talk about everything that happened while I was in Romania, so if you ever want to hear more about my trip, reach out to me!

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