Hi y’all!

Hoping this blog finds you well-rested and ready for the rest of the semester!

Biola recently got back from spring break this year and speaking for myself, it was a much-needed time to recharge and ready myself for the last half of the semester. Coming into college, I think sometimes we have this preconceived notion of what spring break should be. Movies and media often tell us that it’s a vacation to somewhere tropical with some friends or a crazy marathon of music festivals. Ads are constantly bombarding us with this same idea. Yet, most of the time, that’s not what spring break looks like.

This year, I spent my spring break back home in Northern California, battling the wind and rain. My week consisted of appointments and meetings. And that is completely okay. For me, this was a time to get enough sleep and to get done what I needed to get done: which just so happened to look like a couple days of going to bed by midnight (gasp) and taking myself to the dentist. Some of my friends took a road trip, while some stayed at Biola for the week. I understand that FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing. But let me just say that your spring break can be whatever you need for it to be.

What I have learned in college is that sometimes you have to just sit down and tell yourself that it is time to get things done. You are at a point in your life where there is going to be this newfound independence. You have to decide for yourself what to prioritize. Midway through the semester, maybe you just need to lie in bed for a couple extra hours, or maybe you do have a trip planned. Maybe you are swamped with homework that you are either catching up with (oops) or getting ahead in! That’s awesome. Do that! Plans fall through? Use the extra time to be productive in your schoolwork or to go out and explore wherever you may be. There is no one way to do spring break.

Wishing you all the best!