Guys. Let me tell you about one of my absolute favorite things in the world. Summer camp. Over the past two summers, I have had the incredible opportunity to serve at a Christian camp in central California, creating videos and taking pictures for them. It is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and I could not imagine spending my summers anywhere else. So naturally, when I was asked to come and work for a couple of winter camps this month, I was beyond thrilled.

I was able to spend the past two weekends up in the mountains with some of my favorite people, watching Jesus transform the lives of campers in countless different ways. It is such an amazing thing to witness, and so incredibly humbling. I found myself constantly in awe of the fact that God has allowed me to be a part of this ministry, and I cannot wait to do it all again this summer.

Working at camp is a kind of ministry that I have found I am incredibly passionate about. The Lord has so clearly put these children on my heart, and given me such a strong desire to serve them. I think that it is so important to serve in a ministry in some way, shape, or form. It is so cool to be able to see first hand how God works, and to be able to glorify Him throughout the whole process.

Biola offers many different ministry opportunities for students to get involved with. There are missions trips you can go on through SMU, local ministries that serve the people right in our backyard, or even on campus ministries that serve the students and faculty. The California School Project works with local, public schools to impact students through Christian clubs on campus. Evangelical Mormon Interaction (EMI) reaches out to the Latter Day Saints communities, both locally and nationwide. On campus ministries include volunteering to help run chapel programs, conferences, or serve on worship teams, just to name a few.

Many local churches also offer ways to get involved. You can serve during church services by greeting, working in Sunday school, or ushering. There are also many outside ministries through the church that are a great way to serve, as well as get connected with other church members.

There are so many ways to get involved in different ministries during your time at Biola. I would definitely encourage you to pray and to ask God to give you a clear desire for a place or a people group to serve. I can guarantee you that you will grow and be changed in ways that you never thought possible, all while having the incredible opportunity of serving our God.

Until next time,