Hi friends!

When talking about Biola a constant topic that comes up is community. Biola offers countless opportunities for you to get involved in different groups on campus and become immersed in the community it has to offer. Whether it is on your floor, a sports team, or a club on campus, you are bound to find a group of people at Biola that you can get involved with, and make incredible friendships.

Some of my closest friendships have stemmed from the people I met on my floor within the first couple of days I moved onto campus. The night after I moved in, two girls who lived on my floor took initiative by going around introducing themselves to the other freshmen. They told my roommate and I that a few of the other girls were going to meet before chapel the next morning so we can all go together. And thus, our friend group was born.

Since then, we have made some incredible memories together. We travel together to Biola events such as Nationball.

We have taken many trips, some carefully planned, others very spontaneous.

We have been able to see each other grow so much over the past three years. We have stuck together through some of the hardest times of our lives, as well as celebrated every single victory and milestone that we each have accomplished.

The people that you choose to surround yourself with in college have the biggest impact on your life. They are the people you let influence some of the most pivotal and formative years of your life. They are also the people you choose to make memories with.

Community is something that Biola cares so strongly about. They emphasize the importance of living, learning, and growing in community. As cliche as it may sound, the opportunity to “do life” with people you care so deeply about and who are in the same position in life as you, is such a wonderful privilege, and something that even I tend to take advantage of. I often forget that I will soon be out of college and not be living within walking distance of my pals in case I need to talk or just want some late night donuts. I am so incredibly thankful for the community Biola Residence Life has so carefully fostered, because that has lead to some of the most important friendships. Friendships that I will cherish forever.

Until next time,