Hey Peeps!

If you have seen literally any movie or TV show that involves someone going away to college or being in college they all have the same thing in common. They portray college students as being broke and eating Top Ramen every night. Although this isn’t completely true, it is true that college students don’t have a lot of money to spend on doing whatever they want. But if you come to Biola, there’s plenty of great things to do all around us that basically cost nothing at all.

To start off, Biola has a great community with plenty of amazing people that would be more than willing to let you come hang out with them. There’s also a lot of cool places to hangout on campus like Common Grounds, our campus coffee shop, Metzger Lawn, the student union building, the basketball courts, or even the parking structure if you want to see a beautiful La Mirada sunset. Hanging out around campus is great, especially if you don’t have a car or don’t want to spend money on gas.

Something I like to do for fun that doesn’t cost any money is going to the park with friends and just hanging out. There are literally so many parks around Biola! I swear that every street you’re on eventually leads you to a park. They are great for hammocking, playing Frisbee, taking pictures, or even just relaxing.


If you or any of your friends have car, then you have a lot more options! The beach is only about a thirty-minute drive from Biola and its free, except for the gas. When the heat becomes too much to handle, there’s nothing better than going to the beach and jumping in the water. Another good free option is just going to Los Angeles. There are so many cool places to walk around and see when you’re in LA. You can go check out some free museums or maybe even Olvera Street, which is a Mexican marketplace.


Although we are all just some broke college students, it doesn’t stop us from having a good time. When you’re away at school it really teaches you to make the most out of everything. It seems like that is when the best memories are made.

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Blogger Boi Lance