Spring semester is the time where I get to strap back on my basketball shoes and a dorky jersey, and get to play the game I love so dearly once more. In high school, I played basketball, football, and baseball, but once I reached college – actually, even before that – I knew that college sports weren’t in my future. However, intramurals still give me a chance to play the games I love again, and for that, I am grateful. My floormates and I created a basketball team, gave ourselves a lame name, and wore teal T-shirts to place ourselves in the history of intramural basketball.

To tell you a little about me and my background with sports, I played football, baseball, and basketball since the second grade all the way through my senior year of high school. I wouldn’t consider myself a jock, let alone an athlete, but nonetheless, I loved playing sports. However, I knew that a future career was not in the cards for me as I went on to college. Although I was excited to move on and dedicate my time and energy to my studies, I knew I would still long for the thrill of playing a sport again, specifically basketball. Low and behold, intramurals arrived perfectly on time and gave me access to fulfill this need and desire to be on the court again bombing three-pointers. And that’s exactly what I did for my first Spring semester of college.

Basketball isn’t the only sport offered in the Spring either! Biola also offers soccer, sand-volleyball, and softball. uring the Fall, Biola offers flag football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and dodgeball. A lot of options, huh? The great thing is you have four years to try out whatever sport you want! Or even just stick to one, like me when it comes to basketball. It only costs around ten dollars to be a part of a team, and a team can consist of a group of friends or total strangers. To explain further, there is a mixer and draft before the intramural season where, if you do not already have a team, you can mingle with possible teammates and find the right fit to enjoy your season!

To those who may be interested, the season completely depends on the amount of effort you decide to put in. Some teams go all out and practice during whatever free time they have. Other teams, like my own, just show up on game days ready to play. Also, it is more than ok to miss the games. Like I said, the experience is what you make of it. Additionally, there are three leagues your team can join: A, B, and C League. Those leagues as listed are from most competitive to least competitive. My team and I joined C League and while it was competitive, it was definitely more relaxed and merely for the sake of having fun. If you’re new to a sport or just want to have a fun experience with little competition, it may be wise to join this league.

In all three leagues, there are playoffs at the end of the regular season where you face off against other teams in your league to compete for first place and a prize! I believe the prize is a T-shirt and bragging rights, and – lemme tell ya – I have never wanted anything so bad.

Sadly, I never got a taste of the ultimate glory. But what I did get was an unforgettable season with a group of guys I hold near and dear to my hearts. And I finished the season unharmed, which, if you know me, is a miracle in itself. I knew I was gonna have fun, but I honestly did not expect to have as much fun as I did. Ultimately, my first experience playing a non-organized sport was a complete success.

To anyone who may be reading this, please consider playing an intramural sport! I know it may be difficult to fit it in with your schedule but it’s worth it. I’ll end with these points on why it is good to play an intramural sport:

  1. Connection - If you are going into the school year and you do not know many people, it could be a good idea to go to the mixer and make some friends, all the while playing a sport together! Intramurals is a great way to get to know people and to make new friends.
  2. Break - Intramurals will give you a small but enjoyable way to escape some of the hecticness of school –– even if it only for a few hours. School can be stressful, no need to remind people, so intramurals can act as a healthy and fun way to get out of your room and enjoy yourself!
  3. Fun and Glory - Intramurals are fun. Even if that experience is for one semester, you will not regret your decision to join. Not only is it fun, but there can be glory involved ... and it wants to be earned.

All in all, just consider joining a team! It will give you the chance to pick up an old sport or give a new sport a chance. Who knows, maybe I will see you out there on the court soon enough.

-Max Klaiber