This past semester, I had the wondrous pleasure of accompanying three of my friends for a week-long trip to Canada. Insane, I know. The Great White North was something I never thought I would have the good pleasure of visiting but, as the Lord saw fit, the stars aligned so that I could go. What started off as a joke turned into a real plan that led to basking in a white and winter wonderland. College seems to be full of these amazing, spontaneous opportunities.

The next four years (or however long it takes you to get through college) will likely fly by faster than you think. These are formative years. Years in which we become closer to who we are called to be in Christ. I think part of that transformation lies in seeing places you haven't seen before. That may come in the form of mission trips, study abroad semesters, or an invitation from the Canadian who lives across the hall from you. Either way, carpe diem! (That means "seize the day!") These next four years are a prime time to spread your wings and see the world. I hope you all get the opportunity to adventure too! Or at least eat at Tim Hortons.