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A common question for prospective students is about the importance of transportation while in college. I myself pondered this when I was looking into colleges, and it’s relevant to any person who is planning on attending a college somewhere--especially somewhere far away from home.

It is common for freshman at Biola University to not have a car. This was my experience, and overall it was actually not a big deal.

Living on Campus

One reason it was not that bad to be without a car during my freshman year was because I lived on campus in one of Biola’s dorms. Therefore, I did not need to commute to Biola for anything. Any time I needed to go to class, the Biola Library, chapel, on-campus food places or coffee shops, the book store, appointments or meetings, etc., it was only about a five to ten minute walk. In my opinion, it was convenient enough not to stress about buying a car.

On-Campus Job

Another huge reason it was okay not to have a car is because of the fact that I worked on campus as a Student Ambassador. Not having to climb into your car in the morning and drive for 30 minutes to get to work was a huge advantage I enjoyed my freshman year. Biola offers many on campus jobs including positions as a student ambassador, barista, TA (teacher’s assistant), cafeteria worker, RA (resident advisor), a worker in the Student Missionary Union, and more!

(Besides being able to walk to work, on campus jobs typically don’t conflict with class schedules.) Being able to work on campus is extremely convenient and can allow you to earn money without needing a car.

Having a Car

After spending a whole year without a car, I was actually able to drive my car from Utah back for Sophomore year. That being said, here are the pros and cons of having a car.


  • You’re able to drive around to all the cool So-Cal places (e.g. Los Angeles, San Diego, the beach, sushi, donuts, etc.).
  • You can drive to church (which is actually something that was difficult to figure out during freshman year).
  • You don’t have to ask people for rides (even though most Biolans are willing to give you one).
  • You can go on a drive by yourself if you’re stressed out and need to be alone.
  • You don’t have to pay lots of $$$ for uber.
  • You aren’t limited to the food options on Biola’s campus.


  • Gas money…
  • It’s a car and therefore costs a lot of money (both to purchase and maintain).
  • Your friends will (especially freshman year) ask you for rides.
  • You have to pay for a parking permit.

Obviously, having a car is very convenient, and if it is not too much of a hassle to bring one to Biola then it is definitely worth it. But if you’re like me during freshman year and are not able to have a car, there are some more things that ease the inconvenience of being without a car.

The Biola Shuttle

The Biola Shuttle is a resource Biola offers to its students during the week and on Saturdays. Students who live in an off-campus Biola apartment are able to be transported back and forth to campus throughout the day. On Saturdays, the Biola Shuttle picks up students at Biola every two hours and stops at various locations around La Mirada and other cities, so students without transportation can make a trip to the movies, the mall, and other places, free of charge, and be taken back to Biola.


Your friends are usually pretty willing to give rides and take you places, especially if it’s somewhere like the beach.


Many students own a bike or other wheeled transportation to make there way to Biola and around the area.

Nearby Locations

If you really need to make a trip to the grocery store or want a quick bite of sushi, there are a couple places nearby that are about a 10 minute walk from Biola such as Stater Bros grocery store, Tokyo Town sushi, Burger King, Jamba Juice, and even more! It all depends on how far you’re willing to walk. ;)

I hope this was able to help you think about transportation and put you at ease if you are unable to have a car at Biola. Hopefully you'll "transport" yourself to Biola this Fall.


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