Dear Freshman Meagan,

Oh, how time has been sweet to us.

You were so scared coming into college: ready for change, but still apprehensive. You jumped into everything and wanted to be friends with everyone. You tried to be everything and who everyone wanted. But, that quickly got too exhausting and unhealthy. You spread yourself thin and did not allow any room for rest nor for grace.

Here are some things I wish you had known.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to how other freshmen are doing
  2. Biola is not perfect, nor are the people - so don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect, either
  3. Savor the moments of exploration and try new things!
  4. Truly be yourself: don’t fabricate anything
  5. Allow room for change: you are still in progress

Praise God for bringing about humble and sweet change. Now I am learning every day of who I am, by the I Am. God is continuing to mold me and shape my heart by the amazing community here. I know high school, and life in general, was not too kind back then, but know that God has brought so much healing by the amazing professors and friends I have made at Biola.

College can still seem daunting and scary at times. It gets harder as you realize more about yourself. But that’s the beauty. So, enjoy the time that you have. Savor moments and soak in everything that you are learning - both in the classroom and by the people around you. Remember to breathe and trust God through it all.


Future Meagan

Meagan and friend waving 'Biola Eagle' sign