Comp Sci Student


This semester marked my second one as a student in the computer science program at Biola University. Last semester I switched into the Computer Science program and have found (somewhat surprisingly) that I really enjoy it. Allow me to tell you a bit more about it...

The Degree

Being one of the most prominent and increasingly relevant fields, Biola offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with concentrations in a general study of computer science or an information systems emphasis, which involves more of the business-side of computing.

Here are some of the advantages to the program at Biola:

  1. Small class sizes. This allows C.S. (computer science) students the chance to utilize more one-on-one time with professors and personal instruction.
  2. According to alumni, C.S. students graduate with an overall sense of being well-prepared for jobs in the computer science field).
  3. The location (being Southern California) makes for great internship and job opportunities.
  4. Biola’s brand new Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health (more on that in a little) offers incredible resources and facilities.

Classes So Far

Although I didn’t officially change majors until the middle of last semester, I was able to take Intro to Computer Science and Linear Algebra I (my Calculus I credit was satisfied by my high school AP class). Those classes were what led me to finally decide on switching.

In my Intro to Computer Science class, we were taught the basics of the C++ programming language and practiced writing programs. We were able to make a computer do pretty complex stuff, such as: converting miles to kilometers, storing student test scores and creating a file with that information, and even creating a game in which the computer always makes the best move!

Linear Algebra was taught by Dr. Wolfe, a hilarious and brilliant professor who inspired me to work hard and seek to understand our world and how it works mathematically. It was very difficult, but also very rewarding.

Overall, the process of programming and learning difficult math concepts was incredibly rewarding and led me to change my major. I know, it’s not every day that somebody actually wants to do coding, but that’s how I felt after these classes!

Lim Center

As mentioned earlier, Biola’s brand new state-of-the-art Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health Center is one of the best parts of choosing a science-related major. It gives science students the opportunity for more in-depth learning experience in their given field due to the brand new technology and resources.


Biola has so many great programs for so many different majors and concentrations. If you’re like I was as a prospective high-school student and have no idea what you want to do in life, Biola is a great place to figure that out. Through a messy and complicated process during my first year and half here, I eventually found what I wanted to do. Come to Biola, explore different programs by taking different classes, and maybe you’ll figure out a direction like I did!

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