Hi guys!

Allow me to let you in on a little secret, Biola has a language of its own. Now don’t you worry, this is not another class you have to take to fulfill your foreign language requirement. Rather, there are certain words and phrases that are said a lot around Biola’s campus that can sound very foreign if you are not already used to it.

I’ve developed a list of the most common Biola lingo that you should know before coming to campus. It is your own Biola dictionary, if you will.

DBC (Dr. Barry Corey) - Biola’s beloved president. He is basically a celebrity on Biola’s campus and being featured in one of his famous selfies on his instagram is on every Biola student’s bucket list.

The Caf - Pretty self explanatory, but just in case, it is Biola’s cafeteria. (Pro tip: do not use the trays in the Caf. I’m not really sure why, but it’s just not socially acceptable.)

Singspo - Also known as Singspiration, this all-worship chapel is held on Sunday nights and is a favorite among Biola students. Recently we even had Biola alumni For All Seasons (previous Biola chapel band) come and lead us in worship!

GYRAD (Get Your Roommate a Date) - A floor tradition where roommates find each other a date and the whole floor does a fun activity like mini golf, laser tag, or broomball.

The Grove - Lower campus loves it, but upper campus hates it. It is a section of classrooms on the lower side of Biola’s campus, that can sometimes feel like you have to run a marathon to get there.

Campo - Biola’s incredible campus safety officers. These people keep us safe, and enforce the rules. Stay on their good side.

Caf Hill - The hill that is by the baseball field used to get from lower campus to the Caf. Walking around it going the longer way is often times worth it.

Myers vs. Mayers - Two completely different buildings not located near each other at all. Mayers is an auditorium by the fountain and Myers is a classroom building on the outskirts of campus. If you have a class in either of these two places, make sure you know which is which.

The many “S” acronyms:

SGA (Student Government Association) - Essentially the ASB of college. They are the leadership board that serves the student population, votes on campus initiatives and works to better the BIola community.

SPA (Student Programing and Activities) - They’re in charge of all the fun events that happen on campus such as Nationball, Intramurals, and the many different clubs on campus.

SMU (Student Missionary Union) - The largest student run missionary organization in the United States. They are in charge of Missions Conference, as well as sending out teams on trips throughout the year and during breaks. If missions is something you are passionate about, I highly recommend getting involved.

SOS (Student Orientation Services) - All new students will get the opportunity to experience SOS week firsthand when you move onto campus in either the fall or spring. It is such a fun week full of activities that gets you accustomed to Biola’s campus and college life.

SUB (Student Union building) - This building houses offices for SGA, SMU, SPA, and SOS, as well as the Collegium which is a place for commuter students to call home. It also is a wonderful place to hang out or do homework.

These are some of the most important Biola lingo that are helpful when coming onto campus as a new student. But don’t worry, if you do not grasp it all now, you’ll get the hang of it once you are immersed in Biola’s culture. I hope you found this helpful (or even just entertaining)!

Until next time,