Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write to you today in sheer excitement and terror. How the two combine to create this euphoric emotion is nothing less than a miracle –– a scary one at that. The reason I am feeling this way is because I am sharing with you all a class I am taking this semester. That class, is none other than Advanced Directing with famed professor, Dean Yamada. I am a bit nervous merely because of the intensity of the class and the talent I have sitting beside me. I truly feel as if I need to impress my fellow peers with quality content and artistic expression. Before I get ahead of myself, I shall discuss a little bit about the class and what it has to offer.

First and foremost, this is an upper division class in the Cinema and Media Arts program. I am a Communication major, if you remember, but through God’s grace, and the grace of Dean Yamada, I have been allowed to take the class. Although I am technically an outsider in the class, I am heavily inspired by those who surround me. The class consists of lecture-based studying, (where students discuss the components of visual storytelling), directing actors, and creating short film productions. It gives film students a chance to hone their craft all while developing their unique style and voice to portray through their artistic creation. Each short film prompt challenges students to adapt a certain principle into the production so that they can better their craft in all aspects.

Personally, I am excited because I love directing. Actually, to be more truthful, I love telling stories. Film fulfills not only what I believe Christ has called me to do, but it also satisfies my creative needs and impulses. This class serves as a stepping point, both spiritually and physically, into developing my directing skills in preparation for life post college. I cannot ask for much more out of a college course. Oh and also, we get to watch movies in class sometimes. You know, for studying and what not. But truly, the viewings are designed with the full intention to learn how to analyze and recognize certain filmmaking aspects.

I’m telling you about this class, not only to highlight such a cool course and professor (honestly guys, Dean is one of the best) but to also give you hope for your time at Biola. You may not be in the CMA department (although it would be cool if you were) but no matter what major you choose there will be classes like Advanced Directing –– classes you can’t stop talking about. Ones you will dedicate most of your time and effort to because you enjoy it so much. For me, that is how I feel about this class, the assignments, the professor, and the projects. It is not often you enjoy and actually seek out the reading and homework for a specific course. I'm excited to know that some of the classes here will have this type of affect on you. Whether that comes from a Bible course, a general elective, or an upper division major course, I wish you well on that journey when the moment is right.

-Max Klaiber