Hi everyone! My name is Meagan Chung and I am a junior elementary education major here at Biola! Ever since I was little, I loved to play “pretend school” and act like a teacher to my brother. My mom is a 5th grade teacher, and it was through her I saw how beautiful the gift of teaching is. I always thought that I wanted to do something with art and music, but God revealed to me that I can use the gifts He gave me in the field of teaching.

Meagan drinking coffee

I grew up in Irvine, California - which is not too far away from school! All my life, I have been able to soak in the wonderful sun, visit beaches, meet people of different backgrounds, and enjoy diverse cultures. I knew for college I wanted to stay in California. I wanted to be close but not too close,and Biola was just the right amount of distance away! In my time at Biola, God opened my heart for missions and changed my desire to stay in this sunny state. So, I hope to one day be doing work globally and locally for the Church!

Friends outside Intentional Coffee

In my free time, I love to visit different coffee shops and have intentional time with my friends! I absolutely love getting to sit down after a long week, have some yummy coffee, and talk for hours with the people of my community. This is something really important for me because it not only is fun but also filling for my soul! I also love to play the guitar and sing. I’m currently in one of our chapel band teams and I am so grateful! It is such an amazing opportunity to lead our school’s student body in worship: truly a great privilege.

This blog is a just a little snippet into my life! As you read my blogs and get to know more about me, I hope that I can help you know more about Biola and, specifically, a student’s perspective! Biola really attends to each student’s spirit and story and I am honored to share a bit of mine! Stay tuned on Becoming Biola.