Before Spring break this year, I found myself stuck in between a rock and hard place. A lot of my friends had decided to take trips, go home, and overall, do something. For me, however, I came across the bridge where I decide to make a choice for myself. Do I too take a trip? Do I visit home? Do I do something? Or do I do nothing.

I chose the latter.

I needed this Spring Break to be something more than a relaxation and a break from work. For some people, they receive this “breath of fresh air” feeling from taking spontaneous trips or traveling. Me on the other hand, I like to write, read, watch movies, and sleep. Judge me all you like but I find these things utterly relaxing, growing, and worthy of my time. Of course, I occasionally will go out with friends to see a movie, eat dinner, or visit some cool places. But, for the most part, I am secluded to the inner sanctum that is my room. And I am more than accepting of this reality.

“I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” - Jane Austen

Self-care is so important, I encourage you all to purposefully take the time to do exactly that. My self-care this break came in the form of silence and rest. Additionally, it may be the fact that this break came upon our school so quickly that I had little time to even try and plan anything, but I think it may be both circumstances. Anyway, I share this with you guys to let you know it is ok to do a whole lot of nothing. And yes, I did just implement my title into the actual writing. Continuing, I think so often people want to do anything and everything in college before it is too late. I remember that feeling in high school too. I want to reassure you all that it is ok to slow down and rest. Again, rest can come in many different forms, but it is important to remember to do it.

“I restore myself when I’m alone.” -Marilyn Monroe

This all being said, take time to try and balance life as best as you can. See friends, see family, take trips, stay inside, go for a walk. Whatever makes you happy, keeps you at peace, and ultimately keeps you in pursuit of God’s great love and glory. I know our break is a bit earlier but I pray that you all have a fulfilling and restful break as well. Whether spent doing nothing, or everything, I pray it rejuvenates you for the remainder of your school year. May you find rest in all that you do (or don’t do) to be as happy and healthy as you can be! Cheers to break, and doing a whole lot of nothing.

-Max Klaiber