Today, I wanted to talk with you about my major, Journalism and Integrated Media! I came into the journalism program here at Biola as a freshman, however the concentration I originally started with wasn’t the one I'm in now. I started as a broadcast emphasis, and although the classes and professors were great, I could tell instantly this was not where my heart was. It wasn’t until my second semester when I took Intro to Visual Media that I found my voice through photography.


Professor Kitada, who I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in visual media, is such a great professor. He invested a lot in me and helped me become the photographer I am now. He made sure that whenever I turned in my work, it was the best that it could be. He pushed me out of my comfort zone by instructing me to get close to people when I took their photos or take photos of things that I wouldn’t normally.


After taking this class, I decided to change my emphasis from Broadcast to Visual Media. Although all the professors in the journalism and integrated media department are absolutely amazing, Professor Kitada was the one who really stood out to me because of the way he pushed me to become a better photographer.

The best part about our journalism and integrated media major is all the opportunities that Biola has to offer here on campus. We have The Point magazine, a student-run magazine that releases an issue a semester, The Chimes, Biola’s newspaper which is constantly in need of freelance photographers and writers. We also have Eagle Vision, which is Biola’s very own news show run through our production center (a big hit for broadcast majors). Also, the location of Biola’s campus near Los Angeles makes it great for finding internships or even full-time jobs for those in the journalism and PR field.

If picking your major is something that you are struggling with, I highly suggest that you look into Biola’s journalism program. You really get to connect with your professors who pour into your life and help you learn from their experience. However, if your aren’t interested in journalism, don't sweat it. Biola has so many other great majors that you can look into. It’s all up to you!

Until Next Time,

Blogger Boi Lance