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Many of you are aware that I love music, as I’m sure many of you do as well.

Something else you are probably aware of is the chapel program we have here at Biola.

Chapels are one of the greatest aspects of Biola. We have Word series, wisdom chapel, worship concerts, guest speakers, and more!

The content of each chapel itself is enough to justify how incredible they are. They are an amazing break from the constant rush and stress of our school schedules. On top of that, however, the worship that takes place in most of the chapels is one of my personal favorite aspects of Biola.

As someone with a background in worship leading, it’s easy for me to be critical during times of worship. The quality of worship leading at a given service is important to me, maybe even too much so at times.

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to worship at Biola. On my very first night here, when Biola held sort of an inaugural welcome service for the incoming freshman, they had student-led worship to kick it off, and it was amazing.

I expected this to be a special circumstance; maybe it was a special worship night to start off the year and possibly for impressing the parents, but I soon knew that the quality of worship in the day-to-day chapels was pretty consistent with that night.

There are a few formats for what Biola worship looks like:

  • "Singspiration" worship. Singspiration (or ‘Singspo’ for short) is a 45-minute long worship concert that takes place every Sunday in the Chase Gymnasium at Biola. It typically involves some sort of common theme among the songs as well as an opportunity for interactive engagement with the worship, such as: objects representing an aspect of faith, writing down our thoughts and reflections, and so much more. These chapels are a favorite among students at Biola.
  • Morning chapel worship. For most of the chapel services, there's a small worship set before the message with varying numbers of band-members, depending on what style or topic is agreed upon. Sometimes a couple students will lead, and other times a group of 20 students will lead a choir-style worship set. All of them aim to cultivate an environment that gives students an opportunity to worship God through prayer and singing.
  • Conference worship. At Biola there are conferences such as Torrey Conference and Missions Conference. At these events, there's typically a larger-scale worship set, and sometimes there's a guest band that plays worship (Kings Kaleidoscope came this year and last year for Missions conference). The worship at these events is powerful and helps students transition out of stress and into an opportunity to hear an inspiring message.

Being a part of the chapel worship program is an interview/audition process in which you can potentially get in as soon as your sophomore year! Students form bands and go through the interview process, and if they make it, they go on a retreat and start leading worship the next school year.

I hope I’ve been able to give you a little taste of what worship is like here at Biola! As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have.


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