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Picking a major: Is it such a major decision?

This past weekend, I was moseying along Laguna Beach with an old friend of mine, and we were talking about the pressure of choosing the right major. We came to the conclusion that while it's important to be thoughtful in your decision, the pressure often times leads us to feeling as though it's some sort of life or death situation! (Which it totally is not!)

The reality is that, typically, you can enter college declared as one major, flip flop around and still graduate in four years! Most often, the first two years at a university, you are primarily taking general education classes, so you have the flexibility to move all around and figure out which major is best for you!

That being said, Did you know that Biola has over 40 majors and 80 concentrations? Yes, you read that right! I like to say, we can put just about anything together so that you can be equipped to go into your field and do incredibly!

The reality is that there isn’t a quick formula to helping you pick the major that is best for you, but I want to encourage you in a few ways!

  1. You can’t miss the will of God by choosing the wrong major! His will is driven by Him alone and He will guide you each step of the way. Proverbs 16:9 says, “We can make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps.”
  2. Our primary goal is to bring glory to and honor the Lord, so if you’re doing just that, you’re golden!
  3. Think through the times in your life when you can describe situations as fulfilling, life-giving and made you just want to keep coming back for more!

Recently, I was walking through the hallways of the elementary school that I was observing at and couldn’t help but pause and think, “There is no place I’d rather be; I am more fulfilled and content than nearly anywhere else!” I won’t deceive you and tell you that teaching isn’t tiring sometimes, but that doesn’t take away from how life-giving it is to be interacting with students on a weekly basis. These are the moments I know I am studying exactly what He desires for me! It makes all the papers and hours spent studying worth it.

4. Think through some of your strengths and research what jobs you would be best at in light of those. Have you tried strengths finder? It’s the bomb.com.

5. Ask friends and family who know you best what they imagine you pursuing! Take those into account, sometimes those around us see things in us that we miss!

I wish, so badly, I could sit next to you all, chat with you and help you find what would fit you best! Remember, that it isn’t life or death!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

Have the best week!