Hey again, its me.

I know that recently I have been writing about the arts at Biola, so I promised myself that I was going to find something else to venture out on this week. However, on my search to find the best blog subject around, I ran into Biola's student art gallery, saw my friend’s art, and just felt like I had to share it. To give a little background, the Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery is home to art majors, specifically seniors who get to create a collection to exhibit to the campus. It is free for all students ant it's a really great way to see the talent across campus. I love checking in on it every week because there is always something new.

I'm highlighting my friend, Blake, who lives on my dorm floor with me. Let me tell you –– he’s a stand up guy. His exhibit is called “Pretty Pleas,” and it's about his adolescence illustrated through a series of gifs! I know that Blake worked very hard on this whole exhibit and planned it out for almost a year. He also held a reception for his showcase the first day it opened and it included fun childhood food, soda, and candy for everyone to enjoy. I like to think that he went the extra mile to make the whole experience an unforgettable one. His pieces really spoke to me and sparked interesting conversations with people.

That’s one thing that I really love about the art gallery; every student gets a chance to say something. I’ve seen exhibits ranging from 3D design and video, memes, and one entirely dedicated to 7/11 stores. It's so fun to be able to see the new exhibits each week. It is an incredible opportunity for art students and an incredible experience for Biola students as well! So if you stop by campus, make sure to take a peek inside of this building. Thanks for reading and see you next time!