Hey Everyone!

For the last few weeks I have been giving tips in a blog series that I entitled, The Freshman 15. I said that I was done with the fifteen tips, but I kind of lied. I have one more tip that I want to share with you. I wanted to elaborate on this one idea a bit more than I did for the other ones.

Freshman year is a wild, crazy rollercoaster with many ups and downs. You will be challenged in ways you never thought possible, you will examine who you truly are and what you believe, and through it all, you will hopefully take steps towards growing more into the person God created you to be.

Through it all, though, you need to trust God. That is what I want to talk about with you guys today: trusting God through all the emotional, spiritual, and physical ups and downs throughout your freshman year.

As you meet new people and new relationships form, there will be a bigger opportunity for drama and emotional moments. Various feelings will arise as friend groups begin to form. People will start to figure out who they like, who they don’t like, and who they like like. As that starts to happen, people will sometimes be driven by their emotions in certain situations. I know I definitely was at times. Through all the uncertainty of relationships or friend dynamics, you need to trust God.

As you are challenged in your classes, your faith will be challenged and you may question your beliefs. That is okay. Wrestle with ideas, talk to people about what you are processing, and even talk to your professors. There are people all around you who want to help guide you as you figure out what you believe. And above it all, bring those doubts and questions to God in prayer.

As hard as it may be, we need to make it our knee-jerk reaction to run straight to God in times of uncertainty, doubt, and hardship. Because hard times will come. I’ve had probably the best year of my life this last year, but life does throw things at you that you probably won’t be prepared for. But what we can do is be prepared to go to God with it all.

The thing is, God not only is able to help us in our affliction, but he so desperately wants us to go to him as well. It took me a while to realize that God wants to be involved in the mundane moments in my life just as much as he is involved in the miraculous moments.

It has been a process for me to learn to trust God with each and every little thing, but it has been such a rewarding journey. Our lives are a process of trusting God more and more each day. We need to get to the place where we can fully trust God with everything, kind of like a trust fall. There are so many things that God will teach you during your freshman year, and the more open you are to letting go of your fears and just falling backwards into His arms, the closer and closer you will be drawn to him.

Thanks so much for reading,