Hello! Today I want to talk about Biola's global students! I see a variety of people around campus every day, and most of the time, I don’t really take a step back and recognize how far everyone has come to go to college. Over 10% of the students enrolled at Biola are global students, so it’s not rare to find people from all around the world on campus. On my dorm floor alone, there are five global students all from different places, and one of my favorite things is hearing about their homes. Biola values it's diverse community, so I talked to a few global students to ask them about their experience. Here’s what they had to say:

Name: Daniel

Home: Taiwan

Year: Freshman

I visited the United States a few times to go to summer camps, but when it came to college, I wanted to go to a Christian university in America because it would help me grow both spiritually and academically. My mom told me about Biola University, and I really liked it. Other than the jet lag from Taiwan to America, the only real struggle I had transitioning was a little bit of a language and culture differences, but it was very easy to overcome those differences through good friends and people. I love the abundant resources of biblical knowledge from the spiritual classes to the professors.

Name: Joel

Home: Pakistan

Year: Freshman

I heard about Biola because my grandparents live by and I came to visit campus when I was visiting the states one time. My transition was really good because I felt like I was very welcomed by my friends and dorm floor, and I also really loved the global students orientation which helped me gain a lot of friends right at the start. My favorite part of Biola is the cool people and professors who love to integrate faith into what we learn, even in my science classes.

Name: Bretton

Home: Canada

Year: Junior

My uncle was a graduate of Talbot and my brother came to Biola as well, so there’s a lot of love for Biola in my family. I got accepted and was able to live with my brother in a dorm for two years! Biola is a super welcoming community. and they make sure that each student feels comfortable and has what they need to live here. The global student orientation was a great way to meet people and get introduced to the community. I really love Biola’s location because it's 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, 15 minutes from Disneyland, and 15 minutes from the beach. There’s so much culture, and for someone who didn’t grow up in a busy city, it's really cool to live here.