Hey Friends!

Welcome to a blog series called The Freshman 15 where I have been giving tips on things that I've learned during my freshman year at Biola. I've given ten tips so far on things that I learned during this crazy awesome year. In this post I will give the last five tips, and I hope they are helpful!

11. Get involved.

There are so many opportunities and activities for a freshman to get involved in at Biola. Personally, I've gotten involved in the Student Missionary Union (SMU), which is the largest student-run mission organization in the country. SMU has been so extremely formative for me this year, but there are also so many different groups for people to be a part of. I really would suggest you get involved almost right away in some sort of activity, because it's a great way to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to try something new either, because there's a big chance that there are other newcomers as well.

12. Go to your classes.

This may seem very obvious but it's surprisingly easy to lose motivation to go to class. With the new freedom that you are given as a freshman, it's tempting to just stay up super late with your friends and then sleep in past your class. There are obviously exceptions to this, like if you are sick or if you have an emergency, but there is so much you can get out of each class that you go to. Plus, your paying for your education, so...

13. Don’t forget to have fun.

You might think that I am contradicting myself by saying this, but for some people, hearing statements like “go to your classes” is extremely easy, and they forget to have fun and enjoy the college experience. There are so many awesome things to do that are extremely close to Biola, like going to the beach, going to Disney, going on hikes, going to concerts, or going to new coffee shops or restaurants.

To be more specific than the last tip...

14. Go to the National Parks.

I went to Zion National Park for one weekend during my first semester, and it was definitely one of my favorite memories from the whole year. I also went to Joshua Tree National Park about a month ago, and again, it was incredible. There is also Yosemite National Park within a few hours driving distance of Biola, and it is definitely on my list of things I still need to do. God has created such beauty in this world, and a lot of it is very, very close to Biola. So if you decide to go to Biola, be sure to check out the National Parks that are close by.

15. Get a selfie with DBC.

This last tip is a fun one. DBC, or Dr. Barry Corey, is Biola’s president. He thoroughly enjoys taking selfies with students all across Biola’s campus. If you see him passing by, be sure to go up to him and ask to take a selfie with him. He loves Biola students and would not be against it whatsoever. Getting a selfie with DBC is a staple picture to have as a Biola student, so be sure to get it as soon as you see him!

Thank you so much guys! I had a ton of fun writing these tips, so I hope they were helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!