An 18 unit semester— that’s a big one. It translates to about 6 classes, which in high school is required, but in college it’s avoided. There’s nothing necessarily bad about taking a full course load, it just means that a lot will be asked of you academically. You will most definitely have to make sacrifices and dedicate yourself to your school work. I speak from three semesters worth of experience when I say that it’s not easy, but it’s doable.

Why would I do that?

I do it because Biola has so many amazing professors that offer so many amazing classes, and I want to take advantage of being able to soak up all their life experience and knowledge. It’s something my parents never got the chance to do. Through the late night studying and the early morning writing, I am humbled and honored to be doing it all at my dream school. Yet, sometimes it all feels overwhelming and unachievable. How can I take all the classes I want and still work to provide for myself, juggle an internship, and lead a club? I want to experience everything Biola has to offer me. I want to say yes to everything. Is it sustainable?

I am a limited being!

If I had to choose a word to represent everything God has whispered into my ear this semester it would be: s u s t a i n a b i l i t y. Through my friends, God reminds me to pause and reevaluate my priorities. God has given each of us skills and resources that we are called to steward well. Consequently, we are not called to burn ourselves out by trying to do everything. Biola is filled with a lot of fertile opportunities to sow the seed God has given me, but I am constantly reminded to ask myself: what is actually going to help grow into the image God created for me to be?