Dear Blogdience,


As this year of ambassador-ing comes to a close, I want to reflect on what my year has been like in this job as a student ambassador for Biola. Some of my most memorable times here have been related to work, so allow me to give you a taste of how I have experienced the heart of Biola through working in admissions!

My first impression of Biola was made at a Biola Bound event that I was attending back in March of 2016. I experienced the ambassa-team firsthand, and I was immediately attracted to the joy and authenticity the team showed me. A few conversations about the job with some of the student ambassadors at the time showed how impactful it was to them. I thought to myself that, if I came to Biola, working as an ambassador would be worth considering. And indeed it has been!

We had lots of training that involved name-games, getting to know each other while being quizzed on Biola info, and figuring out how to talk to prospective students on the phone (which took some getting used to…) I got to know some amazing people and formed some of my closest relationships at Biola.

Throughout the year, this job has brought so much encouragement and joy, even amidst stressful seasons where showing up to work was the lowest priority. This was because our bosses were constantly affirming us and encouraging us in the importance of our job and how well we were doing. Also, the work environment was full of people who (like many students at Biola) are almost always willing to hear what’s on your mind or even pray for you. This was extremely helpful when work was tedious on top of all my school work.

From events to call-nights to ambassa-parties, this job was amazing. The team as a whole was phenomenal. The team of bloggers I had the privilege of being a part of was great. It has been a truly amazing year representing Biola in this way. I will truly miss it!

Except I loved it so much that I reapplied…

And I got the job...

...That being said, I am looking forward to another year of it!

In all seriousness, I truly have seen the heart of Biola represented in its admissions department. I hope my rant about how awesome my job is has inspired you. Come see for yourself! You might even get the chance to work with me next year if you come...


Blogger Blakey Bell