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A lot of you are almost graduating high school, which is pretty crazy. You have had so many experiences, classes, and relationships. When it comes to the friends you have made up to this point in your life, college can represent a separation from them, especially if you are moving away to a new location.

This separation was true for me, as I moved 600 miles away from my home in Draper, Utah.

However, the transition into college represented a lot of new relationships with new people, including a very significant one, my roommate.

It was a little bit strange realizing that I would be spending at least the next year with a totally random person. But this totally random selection turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me at Biola. I met my Malaysian roommate.

When I say “my Malaysian,” I’m referring to Zach Tan, my roommate –– from Malaysia.

...Did I mention he’s from Malaysia???

Zach is one of my best friends. We hang out, grab dinner, go to conference sessions, play video games in our room, play a ton of ping pong, and watch Breaking Bad. He and I have become extremely close over this first year, and we do plan on rooming again in our future years at Biola.

One of the best parts about this opportunity has been the fact that Zach has almost a complete opposite personality to mine. While I am typically extroverted and always talking to random people, he is more introverted and reserved. I would have assumed that this would make for a bad roommate pair, but I have learned immensely more about myself as well as others while also becoming close to someone I would not have expected. It has truly been an amazing experience.

Now, a lot of why my experience with a roommate has been awesome is because I got paired with an awesome roommate. I didn’t realize how awesome he was at first, and there is a chance you get paired with a seemingly less-than-awesome roommate. If this happens, chances are that their “less-than-awesomeness” is simply a difference of personality and will hopefully lead to a good roommate-tionship as you work through those differences.

I hope you try random-roommate selection, and COME TO BIOLA. :)


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