Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to tell you about a Biola tradition that is a huge part of the culture here at Biola University. We have two really big campus wide traditions, one each semester: Nationball and Mock Rock. Today I want to specifically highlight Mock Rock, since it happened just a few weeks ago. If I had to define Mock Rock, I would say that it is a lip-synching and dance competition involving teams of students that compete in in front of the entire school. There are a lot of teams that try out, but only 6 teams are chosen to compete on the big stage. I went to Mock Rock as a freshman and loved every second of it! The dancing was so fun and the environment was so hyped that I was screaming my lungs out for the teams performing. When I came back to Biola after interterm, I was really excited for Mock Rock. My friend called me and told me that he wanted to assemble a team. At first I told him no, because I suck at dancing and didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the whole school. He kept telling me how fun it would be and that everyone else wasn’t good at dancing either. After weeks of asking me to join, I finally gave in.

Why not? Those two words might have been the most important words in my Biola career thus far. I say that because Mock Rock was one of the most fun things that I’ve done in my entire life! We started practicing the 2nd or 3rd week of February for a 10 minute performance at the end of April. I was on team APEX, a new team that was created this year. Everyone on the team was really awesome and had a positive mindset of working hard while still having fun. After 3 months of practice, we finally got to the performance day. A big part of the tradition is that people camp out the night before to get a good seat in the gym, so the whole day I kept seeing people lined up and waiting to get into the gym to watch the show.

Let me tell you, performing in front of a full house is very exhilarating. The crowd had such a fun atmosphere and was easy to feed off of. The way voting works is that the judges narrow the choices down from 6 teams to 3 teams, and then the audience picks the winner by texting in their vote. My team, APEX, made it all the way to the end, and we even managed to win! I was so shocked after seeing how good the other teams were, but it still felt good to see all that practice pay off. If you’re ever around during Mock Rock, I recommend you come check it out! Here’s a highlight reel of this year’s Mock Rock. Enjoy!