Hi y'all!!

I was looking through the camera roll on my phone today, and it got me reminiscing about all of the wonderful moments God blessed me with throughout this semester! Although I love my DSLR camera, sometimes the best little moments can only be caught on your phone, and nothing can bring you back to that time you laughed-so-hard-you-had-to-take-a-picture much like the simple photos that document all the laughs and beauties of the day-to-day things. I thought I'd share some of the beautiful, funny, and mundane moments here on the blog to reflect back on the semester as it comes to a close. Here are some of them (:

1. I helped publish a book!

2. I got to go on a ride-along with Border Patrol in San Diego.

3. My sister visited from Oregon!!

4. I cut my hair short!

5. I took countless photos of Biola at sunset.

6. I went to Tijuana, Mexico with my journalism class.

7. I visited my friend, Michelle, in San Diego over Spring Break.

8. I drank much too much coffee.

9. I hammocked... countless times.

10. Jeremy trolled my phone... a lot.

Hehe. These were only a few of the little things that made my semester great! Thank you to all the people that were a part of it (that includes you all!!). I love you all, and you truly did make my semester incredible.