Hello beautiful Internet people! I hope you are doing well. This semester is coming to a close. I am sure many of you are preparing for finals and/or graduation. Congratulations! You have accomplished so much. Whether you are finishing up high school or community college, you should be so proud. This time last year, I was filled with anxiety and anticipation for what Biola would have for me. I was excited, but also afraid that things would not turn out how I had hoped. And… well, it didn’t turn out how I had hoped.

It was way better! I envisioned having a few friends that were cool, but only placeholders for my friends back home. Instead, God has blessed me with a stunning group of women who constantly build me up in my faith. I thought I would breeze through my Bible courses and just hear a repeat of what I heard growing up. Instead, I have been challenged and educated in areas of my faith that I did not know existed. I had grown comfortable with my community college and was beginning to doubt whether or not I would ever adjust to a different environment. But transferring to Biola has been such a huge blessing in my life.

Here are a few tips for those of you who are transferring into Biola this fall!

1) Trust Your Experiences

Before coming to Biola, I was afraid that I would be wildly unprepared. If you are coming from a community college, you have probably heard snide remarks about it being remedial or less than a university. But typically, that is untrue. Community college taught me how to manage my school and employment. And I did not have the weight of the university price to carry if I failed. So trust in the life skills you’ve learned at your previous school. They will be so valuable here.

2) Petition for Those Classes

Often times as transfer students, we come into university with general elective classes that don’t apply to our degrees. But I would encourage you to double check for yourself and if a class seems like it should apply, then try petitioning for it to count. This can save you some time in school!

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Connect

When I first came to Biola, I worried that I would stick out like a sore thumb. I thought that I would have “TRANSFER” written across my forehead or something. This made me apprehensive when it came to getting involved in the community. But here at Biola, first-time freshman and transfers blend together seamlessly after SOS week. Also, the first person I met on my dorm floor was also a transfer student.
If you have any questions about the transfer process, feel free to send me a message. I would love to help!
(P.S. Get those official transcripts in ASAP!)
Cheers to transferring!
~ Chantel