Hi my lovely friends! How are you all doing?

If your week was anything like mine, it consisted of deadline upon deadline and midterm upon midterm. At this point in the semester, it seems like work has seemed to pick up speed and snowball until it's a giant ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN COMING TO HAUNT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS. Hahah, okay that definitely went from 0 to 100 real quick. But seriously, it's about this time in the semester when work seems to come out of nowhere and pile on quickly.

I’m not going to lie… this week was pretty rough. I found myself in the library until 1 a.m. twice this week and waking up at 7 a.m. to finish up assignments due the same day –– not to mention three additional deadlines lined up this past week. Oh, and to top it off, I was already sick, so my sleep schedule this week did not help with that situation. ): But I’m all better now –– praise the Lord!

Despite how busy I was this week, God was really teaching me about rest and how truly important it is. And in the midst of what seems like an endless stream of work, you may be thinking, "SERIOUSLY, who has time to rest?" And at times this week, I was right there alongside you thinking that.

However, I found that true rest is sometimes nothing more than a posture of the heart: open, acknowledging your weakness, and allowing the Lord to truly sustain you in times of chaos. That’s what the Lord was teaching me this week... in the little things and the short moments. Here are just a few ways in which I’ve found rest this past week, and I hope they help you find rest, too.

1. Journal

Okay guys, I’m a BIG advocate of journaling, which is ironic because I used to hate it! I thought it took up too much time, and I could never write as fast as I was thinking. But now, I’ve completely made a 180! Instead of writing about my day, I use it to talk to God (I call him Dad, so if you ever see me refer to Dad here on the blog, know that I’m probably talking about God, hehe). I love it because, for someone whose thoughts are naturally very jumbled, it really helps me to slow down, be more intentional with my prayers and petitions, and work through questions I have for our Dad. AND it makes it easier to see how God has answered specific prayers, because I can go back and see them written down! It doesn’t have to be very long, either. It can be done in between classes or homework assignments, and it instantly helps me recenter my life.

2. Lay in the grass

This is quickly becoming my favorite past time. Again, it doesn’t have to be for very long, but just close your eyes, perhaps bring along a friend, take a power nap, simply look at the wind rushing through the trees overhead, or even just space out. It’s all good, and you won’t regret it.

3. Self care

Seriously, no one has time for pampering when they’re under the gun, but everyone has time to wash their face. Use oatmeal as a cleanser… it’s gentle and nonabrasive on that sensitive, stressed out skin! And no excuses as to why you can’t put on a mask. Yes, even you guys! You can wear them even while you do your last bit of homework. I like sheet masks like this one (:

4. Music!!

Okay, right now my rest anthem has been Not in a Hurry by Will Reagan & United Pursuit. LISTEN TO IT! DO IT! Also, Since Your Love on the Simple Gospel Album by United Pursuit. Actually, just that whole album. Oh, and The album Isla Vista Worship: Ryan Ellis Life from the Upper Room II. So good!

5. Time with God

But seriously, guys, do it! Somehow, when you don’t have any time to spend with him, but you chose to, God will always multiply your time and everything gets done. Seriously, test it out! (Pro tip: One of my favorite places to find time alone is on top of the Talbot Building!)

And now for the rest when you have a little extra time after crunch time is over!

6. Hop in the car and just drive!

Road trips without an agenda are my absolute favorite. There’s just something very freeing about them.

7. Go to an art museum

I got to do this over the weekend! My roommate and I went to the Getty, and it’s seriously one of my favorite places EVER. To gaze upon something beautiful that took (sometimes) hundreds of hours to complete has an unparalleled ability to put everything into perspective.

8. Do more of what you love!

We were all designed with passions that God instilled in us that make us tick and bring our hearts joy like little else can. A couple of those things for me are photography and painting. Here’s a few photos I took this weekend of my beautiful roommate, Kim, and a watercolor print of mine.

9. Have a night in!

Maybe I’m just talking to my fellow introverts right now, but sometimes all you need is to turn on your fairy lights and hop into bed, even if you have to bust out a midterm paper. Fairy lights make everything better.

10. Sabbath!

Wow. God has been reminding me of the importance of the Sabbath. Out of my 20 years of life, I am just now recognizing the weight of this command to us. It's on the same list as “Thou shalt not commit murder” and “you shall not have any other gods before me,” yet this seems to be the commandment we break without so much as a second thought. I’m still trying my best to honor this time.


All in all, I hope that this gave you some good ideas, and that you truly find rest this week! Love ya’ll!