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One of the most significant not-so-good aspects of going to college is moving away from your family. Even when students live less than ten minutes from their new home, there is still a new feeling of distance and separation from the hearts and lives of your family.

Don’t get me wrong, my first year at Biola has been awesome. But there are moments when I seriously miss my fam, and it seems like years before the next break in school when I can return home.

Even though it can be strange and new to be away from your family, not only is it a major opportunity to grow and mature in becoming an adult, but the times that you actually do see your family and friends are so refreshing.

My first example of this was toward the end of last semester. I hadn’t seen my family in three months, and I was able to see them first for Thanksgiving break, and then a few weeks later for winter break. Let me tell you, I have rarely enjoyed or appreciated the presence of my family like I did in those times. It has brought a new sense of appreciation and love for them. I know this is cheesy, but you will see what I mean.

You might be asking, “Blake, did you write about this?” Okay, you probably didn’t actually ask or even think about that, but I’ll tell you anyway.

My family is here for a week, and even though I’m still in school, I have been able to hang with them. It’s been awesome. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

They drove the treacherous ten-hour drive from Utah on Thursday, and we ate dinner at Tokyo Town, a local Japanese restaurant. My brother spent the night in my room on a collection of pillows, blankets, stools, and a bean-bag chair from Walmart.

The next day we went to lunch and dinner and hung out in a little house in La Mirada that my fam was staying in.

Saturday involved going to Manhattan Beach (a common Biolan destination), going to dinner with some family friends, and cranking out some work at a coffee shop.

Sunday we went to church, ate pizza for lunch and went down to Huntington beach (an even more common Biolan destination) to relax and look at shops.

It is hard to say goodbye to your fam for more extended periods of time, but the times you do get to spend with them are amazing.


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