Going to college at Biola truly is an amazing experience. It’s a place where you are able to grow and develop in so many ways and in many different interests, hobbies, and passions.

One of the biggest hobbies/interests that I have been able to grow in at Biola is music.

I have found that being at Biola has allowed for an abundance of opportunities to explore and develop my love for music, and I’m excited to share that with you today!

Not a music major?

One of the main sources of unrest in my first year at Biola (and sometimes still) was whether or not I wanted to major in music. Long story short, I chose computer science instead.

BUT, since I have room in my schedule, I am able to take quite a few music classes on the side and potentially get a minor in music! The classes I’m already in or am planning to take in the future are Music Theory 1 & 2, Sound Production 1 & 2, a Pro-Tools class, and a bunch of music lessons and ensemble classes.

So far I have been loving the music classes I’m in, and I would encourage any of you who are looking into Biola to explore classes in this way. Here is a link to all the music minors that you can look through; I would encourage you to search and find some other interests you can invest in during your time at Biola.


Another opportunity I have found to dive into music is through various collaborations with other students. Here at Biola, you can find many students who share a lot of the same passions and hobbies. For me, the common interest is music, and I have been able to connect with others to write, create, or just talk about music.

Chapel Band

One more avenue that fuels my passion for music is being involved with chapel worship at Biola. I have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a band that plays at a number of chapels throughout the semester. This allows me to play piano, sing, and work on different sounds for my synthesizer (if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a cooler-sounding piano). Here is a link to the chapel page if you’re interested in what chapels are all about at Biola!

Biola is a place where your passion can thrive. There are so many opportunities to explore and expand what you’re interested in. I hope to see you here doing the same thing I have been blessed enough to do!


Blakey Bell