To be honest, this week has been all over the place.

Stressful yet peaceful, discouraging yet empowering.

This past week I’ve had this nasty cold that seems to be taking over Biola’s campus, including my teachers. I don’t want to get too graphic, but let’s just say the phlegm is not backing down no matter how many Emergen-C packets I down. Along with the sickness, everything seems to have been due within this past week along with exams and midterms. Basically, I was not feeling it at the start of this week.

Although I’m still sick, the Lord has just straight up blessed me through others this week. First of all, I found out that I’m going on a missions trip over the summer!

Here at Biola, we have the largest student-run missionary union in the nation. In order to go out on a trip, you have to apply and go through an interview as well as group processing. The reasoning behind this is to orchestrate effective teams to reach the people in each of the countries. Saying that, the Student Missionary Union (SMU, for short) did an AMAZING job putting my team together. I legitimately think that I have the best team and the best co-leaders. All of us get along so easily, and it’s so clear that the team is focused on being obedient to as well as praising Jesus.

On Tuesday, we had a meet-and-greet with all the teams going out this summer. Upon arrival, one of my team leaders, Becca, gave me the tightest and most loving hug I think I’ve ever received. Immediately, I felt like part of a family. And that’s basically what I feel like we’ve become just over the past week: family. At the end of the week, we all had training weekend filled with praying, listening to empowering speakers, beach evangelism, and team-building activities. I won't get into too many details since training weekend activities are supposed to stay relatively secretive, but let’s just say I was stretched mentally, spiritually, and physically. What a blessing it was to do it all along side of my amazing team. At the end of our training, we spent some time encouraging one another. If you know me, you know that one of my top love languages is words of affirmation. So, encouraging and praying for one another was incredibly empowering. God is doing amazing things as we prepare for this trip.

If you could be praying along side us in this process, that would be amazing!

Here are our prayer requests:

-Soften and prepare the hearts of the people.

-Safety for our team and the missionaries that we’ll be in fellowship with.

-Funding for this trip would run smoothly

-Equipping of knowledge for our team so that we may serve the people to the best of our abilities.

-Gospel-sharing opportunities would be bountiful and edifying.

Blessins’ on Blessins’