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Tips and Tricks for choosing a roommate.

College comes with a lot of unknowns. I remember asking myself, Who will my friends be?” “Will my classes be as hard as people say they will be?” “Will I get homesick?” “Will the food be good?and simply, “Will I make it through?”

But, I think the most exciting of them all is, “Who will I live with?” When it comes to college, I feel like one of the most nerve wracking unknowns is finding a roommate. You might be wondering, “Should I do random roommate?” Maybe you’ve heard horror stories and you're wondering if living with a randomly paired stranger is worth the risk.

I’m here to say that Biola Housing is incredibly wonderful at what they do, and when I did random roommate, I was paired with a truly great roommate! SO, it’s not all awful, horror stories.

I’m here to hopefully shed a little more light, give you a little more ease and share about the do’s and don’ts with housing!

DO: Random roommate! I am an advocate for this because I truly had an incredible experience, and it introduced me to a sweet friend I otherwise wouldn’t have met. (If for some reason you are paired with a roommate that you don’t mesh well with, you can always go to housing and work out a room change!) Lastly, I think this is a definite DO because this is an incredible opportunity for you to be able to say, “This one is allll you, Lord.”

DO: Check out the Admitted Student’s Facebook page! If you haven’t done so already, it is a definite MUST. Contact your admissions counselor if you’re not added yet, and they'll be able to help you out! Anyway, admitted and confirmed students, like yourself, are posting up the wazoo on there! Give it a look over, share about yourself and see if there is anyone who looks like you would mesh well with.

DO: Choose someone who has a similar sleeping schedule as you! Seems kind of silly, but, when you have a roommate who generally goes to sleep and wakes up at the same time as you, it makes living together a breeze!

DO: Choose someone with similar interests! If you are neat, look for a roommate who is also neat. If you care about pretty decor, look to find a roommate who you can decorate with! Pinterest party it UP, #amiright? The list goes on, but, living with someone who is not only your roommate but also your friend and likes the same things, is a blast!

DO: Try and choose a roommate who is similar yet, different than you. Living with a random, new friend is so much fun, and choosing a roommate who isn’t exactly the same as you fosters really incredible opportunities for growth. Consider living with someone who was raised in a different place, culture or recognizes different traditions! You won’t regret it!

DON’T: Miss out on one of the best parts of college! Housing is so much fun and finding a roommate is too! Embrace it, challenge yourself.

I sure do hope these were helpful, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free message me!

Have the best week!