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What’s up blogdience? Hope you’re doing well.

We all have a different amount of commitments and obligations, whether it be your homework load, a job, an extracurricular activity, or staying caught up with The Walking Dead. You might be overwhelmed at times with these commitments, and if you are, I can relate.

Being in college usually presents a new level of commitment. There is more homework assigned, it takes longer to understand certain concepts, and there comes a somewhat new level of responsibility with being an adult and taking care of yourself. All this can be stacked on top of a job to help pay for tuition.

Something I have noticed about myself in my first year of college is that I spend a lot of time and energy stressing about classwork, job commitments, and other responsibilities. I don’t really notice it, but I slowly and gradually become worn out and burnt out. It seems to be sort of a cycle.

Although there are a couple things I have set my mind on to help this problem, such as resting and committing to spend more time in God’s word, I have recently discovered how adding a bit of ‘personal homework’ to my load has helped. I set aside time to invest in other interests of mine and seek to make progress in those interests.

Here are a few side-goals I’m pursuing:

This is a book I’m reading about musical synthesis. For the past couple years I have been getting into synthesizers and how to make cool sounds for music.

I'm also reading the book above, which is about spiritual disciplines and having a more rich relationship with God. In my Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation class back in the fall, our teacher had us read a little bit from this book, and I decided to get it myself. It’s good stuff.

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you’ll know that I love making music. I have some music software on my computer called Reason, and I've been learning how to use it and how to make some swaggy music.

College can be very overwhelming, and adding in some time to pursue my personal interests has helped to balance out the over-stressing of school work with some time for myself. Hope this helps! Click the button below to ask me a question and/or share your own interests!


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