Dive In

AND WE’RE BACK. For many of you, this is already your third week of school (and maybe more). However, for us Biolans, classes started just this past week! This meant diving back into my groove, reading syllabi, reconnecting with friends, and having “Guess Who’s Back” by Eminem stuck in my head at least once a day.

Oh man, I forgot how much of a blessing it is to be at Biola. I love my family and I love being home, but there is something special about living within walking distance of your best friends, studying God’s word from passionate professors, and living on your own schedule. Plus, I never have to do dishes after every meal (can I get an amen)!

What's made things even more exciting is that this was my first week as a Christian ministries major! And may I just say that I am completely in love with all of my classes. If you were to tell my high school self that I would love school and get excited just by reading the syllabus, I would say that you’re crazy. But here I am, telling you just that. If you’re confused by the fact that I’m a sophomore and I’m just taking my first major class, read about how I changed my major last semester here! But anywho, I could talk about my classes for ages, so I won’t even get started because it will take me too long. Maybe I’ll talk about them in another blog if you want! Just let me know. Also, feel free to message me by clicking the “Ask me a question!” box at the bottom of this page if you want to talk about what my classes look like or want to know how amazing my professors are.

Other than school, this week has already been filled with so many fun times with friends. In the beginning of the week, Biola’s basketball team played against Westmont, so some of my friends and I attended the high-stress game it turned out to be. It was a close game all the way up to the end, but Biola pulled through, winning 63-60. Now, to Westmont, Biola is one of their biggest rivals. So, my dad (being a Westmont alumni) came up to watch the excitement. He even wore a “Beat Biola” pin.

To finish up the school week, my friends and I headed to a roller skating rink close by. One of the best things about this rink is that there is always a groupon for this place, so tickets and rentals is only $8 per person. $8 for a night full of fun, funk, and friends? That’s a big yes from me.

That’s all for this week! Again, feel free to message me with any questions or if you want to chat! I would love to hear from you.