If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a good amount of time on your phone. And when I say a “good” amount, I don’t mean a healthy amount, I mean a huge amount. During this past semester of college, I often spent hours of each afternoon scrolling through Instagram or playing some trivial game.

At the beginning of January, I was challenged to take a break from social media for a whole month. There are quite a few reasons you should try to minimize the time you spend on your phone, and the freedom that comes from breaking from your phone is amazing.

Why Cut Down On Phone Use?

Here are a few statistics to inspire you to cut down on your phone use.

  1. On average, young adults spend approximately 5 hours total on their phones each day. (Just imagine, you could be getting more sleep!) Even though a lot of this time is spent in small intervals throughout the day, you could be working on homework or even participating in social interaction! ;)
  2. High phone use is correlated with stress. When you constantly check your phone for no reason or take it out whenever you’re bored, you become dependent on it, and when you’re trying to focus on a task or are having a conversation, the constant urge to whip out your phone can cause stress.
  3. Using your phone too much is connected with sleep deprivation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve developed a routine of checking my phone when I go to bed. Using your phone too much might be rotting your brain and preventing you from sleeping! (I guess mom was right...it does rot your brain)


I have to admit, it’s been extremely weird not having social media, especially during the first couple of weeks. Since I’m on break after a hard semester of college, it is natural for me to just sit on my phone all the time. Without social media, I probably only spend around 20 minutes total on my phone each day, which has allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends –– not glued to my phone. And, I do more productive things like read and exercise!

Overall, this break from social media has been so beneficial that I’m considering just leaving the apps off my phone (after checking all my snaps, of course). Not having the constant desire to be on my phone has made it easier for me to be present in social situations, be productive, and has brought overall freedom. I hope I inspired you to try it for yourself!


Biola Blogger Blakey Bell