Hey Everyone!

This previous weekend was actually the last Biola Bound of the year, which is crazy to me. The year has flown by, and I’m sure if you're a senior in high school, you feel the same way.

I definitely remember how fast my senior year went by. One day, my mom was taking a picture of my sister and I in front of our house for my last first day of high school, and the next day I was walking across the stage, shaking hands, accepting my diploma, and kissing the last teacher on the forehead as I raised celebratory fists in the air. Yes, that is how it went. I definitely left with a bang.

I remember the ups and downs of the year, the frustrating parts and the mundane parts. All of those moments, though, add up to a year that I was very proud of.

Hopefully, you feel the same way looking back on an almost finished year while simultaneously looking forward to your future and wrapping up something you have poured so much effort into. Maybe you aren’t proud of your senior year, maybe you are. Either way, it’s ok. There's always the future ahead that you can make the most of.

At this point a year ago, I had made my decision to come to Biola. I had actually decided February of 2016 after I went on a Biola Bound. If you are a junior and you're still deciding (which is totally normal), I would highly, highly suggest you attend a Biola Bound at some point during your senior year. It's an amazing way for out-of-state prospective students to come to Biola for a weekend and check out the school.

I’m sure you might have read something about Biola Bound in another Becoming Biola blog, but if not, Biola Bound consists of a few things: orientation games, visiting a local church, eating In-N-Out Burger, going to Disneyland, checking out a few classes, and having the time of your life.

If you're a senior and went on a Biola Bound this year, I know that you share some of these awesome memories I’m talking about. If you are a senior and you weren’t able to go on a Biola Bound, that’s totally fine... You can just attend Biola next year to get a more in depth experience. (I know, I know. Super smooth plug for Biola right there).

If you're a senior right now and you have some idea of where you want to attend college, props to you. It's hard to make that mental commitment. And if you are senior and don’t know where you want to go, well, don’t worry because you have a little bit of time. Also, don’t over think it. Pick where you feel confident, run with it, and fully invest.

I’m so excited for all of you who are making this big life decision that's in front of you. I know you will make the right choice!

If you have any questions about deciding on a college, feel free to ask!